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IAIA offers expert Talks, Lectures, Presentations and Panel Participation at conferences, forums, fundraisers, professional organizations meetings and events.

Conducted for a variety of clientele across multiple sectors – previously including The Washington/Israel Business Chamber; the Diplomatic Wife’s Club; The Israeli Export Institute; The American Consulate in Tel Aviv, Hadassah; ‘The Feast For Jewish Learning’, Jewish schools, and several NGOs


Have you found some of your interactions with your global colleagues puzzling…strange..annoying…?

What works well in Israel, oftentimes does not translate as well when crossing cultural borders.

The “common sense” approach towards communication, getting things done, working together or conflict is not the same for Israelis as it is for Americans, Indians, Germans, Japanese or Vietnamese.

Consider the Following Questions

What introduction will make a good first impression?

What is considered ‘professional behavior’ at a meeting?

How do you know who the ‘big boss’ is? What is the appropriate way to approach him/her?

What does listening look like?

This presentation will examine some of the mission-critical cultural gaps in behavior, norms and values of your global colleagues.

SPEAKER PRESENTATION REPORT – Bernel Goldberg, Executive Director, WIBC

“Working Effectively across the Israeli – American Cultural Interface – Key problem areas and methodologies for bridging Israeli-US cultures, and leveraging them for success”Presentation by Anat Kedem and Vivian Deutsch, Israel-US cross-cultural experts who provide consulting, coaching and training for business and not-for-profit organizations through their partnership, Israeli-American Intercultural Advantage (IAIA).Initiated by the Washington Israel Business Council, a not-for-profit, non-governmental, membership supported organization dedicated to the strengthening of business and trade relations between Washington State and the State of Israel.

Co-sponsored by: Garvey; Schubert Barer Law; Silicon Valley Bank; Consulate General of Israel Economic Mission; Trade Development Alliance of Greater Seattle

6:20 pm Welcome and Introductions Bernel Goldberg, Executive Director, WIBC; Attorney, Garvey Schubert Barer
6:30 pm “SVB and Israel” Geir B. Hansen, Senior Vice President, Silicon Valley Bank
6:35 pm Main Presentation: “What’s the Problem? Working Effectively Across the Israeli-American Cultural Interface” Vivian Deutsch and Anat Kedem, Israeli-American Intercultural Advantage (IAIA)
7:10 pm Panel Discussion: Personal experiences where the Israel-US cultural interface presented a barrier to reaching business goals Panel: – Kevin Twardus, CTO, Communication Sector Solutions, IBM – Eran Megiddo, Group Program Manager, Excel and Access Services, Microsoft – Frank Paterra, Corporate Development, Zango, Inc.
7:30 pm Audience Question and Answers
Washington Israel Business Council

The presentation by IAIA focused on differences in communication style and behavior between Israelis and Americans that can present barriers to effective working together. Typical specific difficulties were discussed referring to Israeli vs. US cultural values. It was shown how the kind of support IAIA provides helps overcome culture gaps to ensure business success.  

The panel discussion was very lively, with the panel members sharing their personal experiences of cross-cultural issues in their own work with people from the other culture, i.e., Israeli or American. The panelists showcased how behaviors that are viewed as normal by one side have a completely unexpected impact on the other. The misunderstandings are humorous when told in hindsight, but at the time they caused damage and derailed the shared work. It is enlightening to realize what an important part culture gaps play in the business setting. Many business ventures can rise or fall depending on the two side’s understanding and skill in cross-cultural communication.

There were over one hundred attendees. The audience included both Americans and Israelis. Audience response was extremely appreciative and enthusiastic.


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