Maximizing the chances of a successful assignment by supporting Employees and Families through a life-changing relocation experience through customized coaching sessions and ongoing support

Living & Working In Israel Program     OR/&    Living & Working In the US Program  


It is no secret that daily life in Israel is very different from daily life in the US. Despite the mutually acknowledged cultural similarities, American and Israeli communication styles and expectations around how things get done can be surprisingly different. Oftentimes the very same ‘modes of operation’ that have made you successful in your home culture are probably the ones that will damage you in your host culture.

IAIA’s extensive insight into both American and Israeli cultures allows us to provide highly effective pre-relocation orientation and ongoing coaching for individuals and families – whether virtually or face-to-face.

Relocation is oftentimes considered as one of the most stressful life experiences. It puts a strain on relationships, raises issues of identity and self-worth and triggers a list of unpleasant symptoms. Culture shock is inevitable, however – the right support can smoothen the transition, ease the symptoms and improve the chances of creating an enriching experience for the entire family.

IAIA’s unique blend of coaching and mediation expertise will ensure clients will be better prepared for life and work in the host culture, supporting them during their adaptation process – whether they are moving to Israel or the States.

Adjusted to address the particular needs and concerns of each client, relocation coaching generally focuses on mission-critical gaps and cultural, normative and work-related differences between the Home Culture’ and the ‘Host Culture’ – providing expats with a practical tool kit to cope with the challenges of relocation.

Programs also deal with cultural shock and the adaptation process as well as inner alignment and setting realistic expectations.

CULTURE SHOCK is what happens when you realize that what has worked so well for you in your home country is exactly the thing that will damage you in your host country 


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CULTURE SHOCK is what happens when you realize that what has worked so well for you in your home country is exactly what will damage you in your host country – BE PREPARED