Ongoing cross cultural support:

Our consultation process includes:

 Assessment & Customization:

    • Assessment of the particular needs of each client via interviews with key persons;
    • Customization of projects’ focus, key frameworks, models and culturally adjusted teaching methods on the basis of needs, demands and overall context.

 Approach & Facilitation:

    • Effective management of initial resistance and creation of a safe environment to surface mission critical issues and problems;
    • Usage of expert tools and models to differentiate objective data and subjective judgment, reach deeper understanding of key cultural parameters that influence the workplace, and uncover invisible underlying drivers of behaviors and communication;
    • Facilitation of interactive sessions and well-defined bridging process to neutralize negative perceptions and establish a way of approaching and thinking about cross-cultural dilemmas on a basis of authentic dialogue that accommodates and supports trust-building;
    • Practice of applied insights and tools in real-life work situations to enhance the cross-cultural mindset necessary for operational success.
    • Supporting the client in reaching modes of operation that will work for specific challenges, including continuing reality checks and a contingency process for potential getting-off-track.

Follow Up 

    • Scheduled post-program evaluations/ check-ins at decided intervals to assess improvement and practically address remaining themes, issues and challenges where necessary.
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