Interactive Programs and Courses for Open Enrollment or Intact Intercultural Teams on all organizational levels

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IAIA’s highly interactive Training programs adapt well-established cross-cultural models and frameworks to the unique challenges of intercultural teams, mobilizing members with the cross-cultural intelligence and practical tools necessary to turn the team’s perceived weakness into productive strength leveraging cultural differences in an environment of open dialogue.


Interactive Program for Team Building & Alignment

Training sessions tailored to address existing or underlying mission-critical gaps in the ways team members approach work and workplace interactions. Through facilitated discussions and well-established training tools the sessions create a positive experience of shared teamwork (oftentimes a first) that is essential to generating trust in the others’ intentions, commitment and abilities. This enables participants to align goals, reach mutual agreements on future work processes and strengthen vision of advantages of working as a multicultural and multifaceted team to maximize overall operational success.

‘Working Across Cultural Interfaces’ – Global Skills for Virtual Teams

Structured facilitation for virtual teams – virtual team formation and management, addressing shared concerns and providing members with the nuanced insights and practical communication, trust-building and culturally appropriate strategies that will allow them to work effectively across distance, time and cultural gaps.

Working Effectively with the U.S. Training Program

The U.S. workplace, as contrasted with Israel, requires different communication and interaction styles and necessitates using different approaches towards ranking, roles and titles – i.e. expectations from managers, peers and subordinates, due to marked cultural gaps in what is considered ‘professional’ normative behavior and the ‘appropriate’ way work needs to get done.

This program enables Israelis to work effectively with Americans through: ‘softening dugricommunication style, analysis and plan for resolution of scenarios relating to real situations in the organization (using the Cultural Detective), defining effective bridging strategies,  practicing U.S. workplace appropriate conflict management and applying cross-cultural skills within key work contexts such as conference calls, conferences, f2f and team meetings

Mediation and Conflict Resolutions for Intact Teams

Focused interventions targeting particular cross-cultural blind spots that cause conflict within groups and sabotage collaboration; and facilitation of resolution and trust-building processes that generate a sense shared purpose among team members

Working Effectively With Israel Training program

While Israelis’ ‘maximum freedom- minimum restraint’ business approach might go hand in hand with the innovative and competitive edge that attracts multinational business, when the same level of determination and directness manifests in their communication style and approach to work, it has an overwhelming tendency to serve as a deterrent, often coming across as disrespectful, harsh and aggressive and leading to conflict that undermines the potential of joint ventures.

IAIA instills organizations and individuals alike with the insights and tools to effectively work with Israeli counterparts. Each program is customized to client needs, with some of the following elements: overview of mission critical gaps between Israelis and other cultures, understanding the core values that drive characteristic workplace behaviors, norms and attitudes of Israelis (including current affairs that impact doing business in Israel),  a look at socially accepted norms – DOs & DON’Ts, negotiating Israeli style, working with carefully customized team-specific scenarios and role plays designed to meet the everyday challenges of the client, thus enabling a hands-on creation of strategies and skills for effective cross-cultural management, communication and problem- solving and the internationally developed situation-based model ‘The Cultural Detective™’