Team Building

Highly interactive experiential-learning training sessions for intact teams –employees and/or senior management, as part of overall team building.

Customized facilitated sessions for staffs, management teams and intercultural teams creating a safe and open dialogue where shared concerns are addressed; trust built and/or regained and agreements regarding methodology and approach to shared work are reached, leaving Executive Teams with a tool-kit containing strategies for working and leading effectively across cultural interfaces. Tailored to the client’s needs, the sessions generally include:


Interactive work using The Cultural Detective™“ Model – an internationally developed situation-based series of culture-specific training tools – for analysis and resolution of conflict areas.

Multicultural Work-Styles™’ Mapping Exercise: overview of mission-critical gaps and work-style differences among cross-cultural team members as they impact the work environment and capacity to reach set goals, thereby raising awareness to existing and potential friction points and addressing them.

Generating of shared vision of purpose & Enhancement of an Intercultural Mindset –with a strong emphasis on the advantages of working as a multicultural and multifaceted team.

Goal Setting & Defining the Rules of Engagement – Facilitated discussion for next steps: using new insights gained by situational dilemmas and case studies to identify potential pitfalls and co-create strategies to and culturally appropriate best practices to resolve them, including processes in place for group-reflection and the continual addressing of breaches and Keeping an open dialogue on cross-cultural differences