What We’ve Done

IAIA has worked extensively across countless American-Israeli business relationships ranging from U.S. companies that acquired Israeli ones or vice versa, to cross-site work in global companies, Israeli companies building U.S. headquarters, Israeli start-ups looking for funding, joint engineering projects, M&A integration, U.S. clients of Israeli companies, Israeli CEOs and start-up founders and executives coming to work or live in the U.S., U.S. business leaders coming to work or live in Israel – and the list goes on.

Expanding beyond its niche Israeli-American focus and extending its Consultancy, Coaching, Facilitation and Training expertise to all other cross-cultural interfaces involving Israel, since 2006 IAIA has been assisting companies worldwide in developing their cross cultural intelligence and competence, enabling multicultural organizations, teams and individuals to bridge mission critical gaps and thrive on a long-term basis. Here are a few examples:

Working Effectively with Israelis Programs 

  • Well over 150 programs across the U.S. designed and facilitated for professionally diverse local workforce on how to work effectively with Israelis;
  • Global Skills & Effective Cross-Site Training in Bangalore (India) for Indian engineers;
  • Consultation concerning strategic partnerships with Israel to a CEO of a Polish Alternative Energy Company.

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Working Effectively with Americans

Often working with American and Israeli teams separately, while bringing joint management teams together. Some examples include:

  • Well-established Israeli electronic manufacturing company acquired by an American multinational conglomerate and needing to learn how to work with corporate America;
  • Ongoing Consulting for an Israeli Company specializing in innovative Food-driven Technology that set up headquarters in the U.S. and hired an American president and top management team, while intending to continue shared work;
  • U.S. headquartered Hi-Tech Company with an Israeli based IT team.

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Global Skills Programs for Virtual Teams 

IAIA provided ongoing support to virtual teams whose joint success depended on effective cross-cultural communication) as well as global management teams entrusted with leading culturally diverse groups. . Some examples include:

  • Multiple U.S. headquartered corporations from various industries with R&D sites in Israel;
  • A team of Indian engineers tasked with developing close cross-site relations with Americans and Israelis (respectively) at an R&D site of a Fortune 100 Company in Bangalore, India.
  • An existing Dutch/Indian interfaced group comprising of mutually frustrated Indian engineers and Dutch team leaders (with the latter managing the former remotely from the Netherlands) in a workshop customized to combine Global Skills, Conflict Resolution and Trust Building components.

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M&A Integration

This has included, among other examples, a comprehensive, two-year-long involvement in the integration process of an Israeli firm (MySystems) into the California-based company that acquired it (SanDisk), comprising of ongoing executive coaching and well over thirty Working Effectively with Israelis’ Workshops for its U.S. based workforce and Management.

Support for Relocating executives, employees, ‘trailing spouses’ and families: orientation to host country, expatriate coaching  and re-entry

IAIA assisted numerous executives and families from home countries such as France, Japan, Russia, Argentina, Israel and the U.S. in relocating to various host countries including Israel, the U.S., Korea, Germany, Canada, Hong Kong and China – on both short and long term basis. Recent examples include relocation support to an American Executive and his Korean-born wife who had moved to Israel due to a job offer, ongoing support to an Israeli family of six relocating to Minnesota for work purposes, and an Israeli CEO in the Electronics Industry relocating to Hong Kong along with her husband.

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Diversity and Inclusion Training (D&I)

 IAIA aided various key governmental and educational institutions by designing curriculum and programs to support inclusion and acceptance of multiculturalism and diversity; delivered D&I Training in varied settings including student seminars in the Former Soviet Union, staffs in youth villages, teacher rooms in Arab villages, and classrooms in development towns. As IAIA continues to design, adapt and facilitate D&I Training for global companies in different settings that include various Israeli sites of U.S. (and other global) companies, it has also been playing major role over the last few years in a paramount D&I project carried out by an international team at one of the ’Big-4’ Accounting Firms, facilitating workshops for top management, coaches executives, and continuously adapts D&I Training materials and contents applicable to other global firms.




Development of Theoretical and Practical Cross-Cultural Contents & Supplemental Materials:

  •  IAIA’s Owner & Principal, Anat Kedem, has co-authored (with Lucy Shahar) the Israel Package of an internationally developed situation-based series of culture-specific training tools containing nearly 70 cultures, called the Cultural Detective®. The tool is used extensively for analysis and resolution of conflict areas in cross-cultural teams, not only by IAIA, but by governments, NGOs, businesses, universities and even parks and recreation departments worldwide.
  • Authored several resource books on working with Israel;
  • Taught a Course titled ‘Doing Business with Israelis’ in a Fortune 500 Company’s Global University;
  • Wrote an article for the Training Magazine on training in Israel
  • IAIA continues to develop materials and contents based on clients’ needs – currently working on Negotiating with Israel Program.

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Expert Talks, Lectures, Presentations and panel participation at conferences, workshops, fundraisers and other events 

IAIA addressed multiple audiences in various settings, previously including the Diplomatic Wife’s Club at The Washington/Israel Business Chamber; the Israeli Export Institute on Employing Americans; the American Consulate in Tel Aviv, Hadassah, and ’The Feast For Jewish Learning’. It has also presented cross-cultural contents at various corporate high-tech meetings, Jewish schools and several NGOs.

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