Anat Kedem

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Anat Kedem

Anat Kedem is an expert Cross-Cultural Consultant, Professional Coach, Qualified Mediator and skilled Trainer with extensive experience providing organizations, teams and individuals with the essential insights and practical tools necessary to cultivate and sustain authentic cross-cultural intelligence and competence.

With expertise in Global Skills and Cross-Cultural Business Efficiency, over a twenty years’ career Anat has designed and led countless Training projects on Virtual Team Formation & Management; Multicultural Team Development; Diversity & Inclusion; Remote Management, Relocation and M&A Integration. Dealing with a wide array of international clientele, Anat has worked with a geographically dispersed workforce and management teams from diverse global organizations – startups and Fortune 500 Companies alike – in sectors ranging from financial services and hi-tech to governmental & educational institutions, pharmaceuticals & medical devices, manufacturing, NGOs and ethnically-divided clusters.

Core Focus

An Israeli who had lived in Silicon Valley for well over a decade, Anat has an in-depth understanding of both Israeli and American cultures which is amplified by her lengthy experience supporting clients working across cultural boundaries. In 2006 Anat co-founded  IAIA – a Cross-Cultural Consulting firm committed to supporting U.S. – Israel interfaced organizations, teams, managers and executives in building their cross-cultural intelligence and skills. Designing and facilitating programs and workshops tailored to bridge the cultural gaps unique to Israeli-American cross-cultural dynamics, IAIA supports Americans working with Israel, and Israelis working with Americans alike in finding ways to effectively communicate and overcome the barriers that get in the way of overall organizational success.

While collecting a wealth of experience across a wide spectrum of business relationships with Israel, Anat had witnessed the specific challenges her clients were facing when working with Israel, a culture where ‘maximum freedom, minimum restraint’ is a core value.  In time, therefore, IAIA extended its expertise to all other cross-cultural interfaces involving Israel and has been working extensively in this capacity ever since.

Qualifications & Credentials

    •  MA in Leadership and System Development from Haifa University
    •  International Coaching Federation accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – Board Member of the Israeli ICF Chapter
    • Certified Mediator by Dispute Resolution Services Program in Santa Clara
    • Qualified Intercultural Development Inventory Administrator (IDI)
    • Qualified Intercultural Orientation Inventory Administrator (COI)
    • Cross Cultural Communication Specialist (Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland & Tel Aviv Open University)
    • Graduate of IOSD – International Organizational Systems and Development  & International Gestalt Coaching Postgraduate programs (Gestalt Institute of Cleveland)
    • Qualified Facilitator – Facilitation and Group Dynamics Program (TELEM, Israel)

Anat volunteered extensively as a community and family mediator in California, taught a Course titled ‘Doing Business with Israelis in a Fortune 500 Company’s Global University, and continues to coach teachers from diverse backgrounds on the topics self-awareness and empowerment. She authored several resource books on working with Israel; wrote an article for the Training Magazine on training in Israel  and is the co-author of the internationally renowned intercultural training-tool Cultural Detective. Married with two grown children, Anat lives near Haifa and continues to stand in awe of the richness, intensity and versatility of human experience.