Cultural Detective® is a unique intercultural competence tool grounded in developmental theory, yet simple to use and very practical. It provides the ongoing, structured, personalized learning that research has shown is key to developing intercultural competence in individuals and organizations. The process-based nature of Cultural Detective allows for ongoing use and continuous improvement, helps prevent stereotyping, and encourages meaningful dialogue. The Cultural Detective Method develops culture-general and culture-specific competence through the use of context-specific Critical Incidents, personal and team reflection, and Values Lenses highlighting the core values of each culture. Content and process are easily incorporated into existing coaching and training programs. The Cultural Detective Method can be used to make sense of one’s own life experiences and for real-time conflict resolution and teambuilding.

Anat is the co-author of the Israel package, one of almost 70 cultures covered by the Cultural Detective. She uses Cultural Detective Method in her training, coaching and consulting. The series’ process and content are available via online subscription (CD Online) or printable licensed PDFs. Use of the materials does not require certification, however facilitator certification workshops are available for those who wish to make the most of this extremely powerful and flexible tool.

who we are - partnerships

Charis Intercultural Training Corporation partners with global companies to integrate operations through effective global leadership and management skills. Charis’ flagship training programs are Engineering Trust™ and the “Working with…Country” series. These are developed with rigorous research, analysis, and application to the most challenging talent resource issues: building trust and collaboration across cultures, distance and generations. Charis principals and staff have worked primarily with technology enterprises since 1982, providing cross-cultural teambuilding and global business training programs for over 15,000 people in 30 countries.

Charis has created a breakthrough tool to measure how trust is built across cultures, the Intercultural Trust Scale™ (ITS). When leaders go through the Engineering Trust™ workshop, they learn how to create more transparency and risk-taking, inspire ethical behaviors and prevent miscommunications by modeling trust-building practices that motivate a culturally diverse workforce. Marian says, “In my experience working with engineers and scientists, having the ITS as a rigorous data-oriented tool helps start the conversation, understand the sources of mistrust, and spark commitment to new behaviors and team processes.”

Charis is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area/Silicon Valley, with associates worldwide.