Individual coaching for Executives, Managers  and key employees on Working Effectively Across Cultural Boundaries


What really happened to an Israeli CFO sent from Israel to the U.S.

“On one of my first days in the U.S., I was talking to the CEO in the corridor. I saw the VP of Sales at the other end of the office. Since the discussion concerned him, I called him over to come and join us gesturing with my hand. The next day I was called into HR and told that there a complaint has been filled against me by the VP and my job is at risk.”

Workplace culture shock between American Jews and Israelis- By Orli Santo

Published on The Jewish Week (

Our all-Israeli, all-Hebrew company was trying to integrate an American sales rep. “Shalom! I’m Jerry!” exclaimed the latest victim to be hired. “I’m really excited to be working here! It’s great to meet you all!”

We all said, “Nice to meet you, Jerry” with our best American manners, and went back to work. For a moment he just stood there — but if he expected something more from us, we had no idea what. Finally, he mumbled, “OK, see you later” and returned to his cubicle across the hall.

By the time the door clicked closed behind him, we all had our wallets out.

“Twenty says he won’t make it through the week,” I called.

“Three weeks,” said Avi.

“I have a feeling about this one,” Ilan mused. “I give him three months and up.” It was the longest shot on the board.

We tallied our bets in the now-tattered “American sales reps” notebook. “Poor guys, they’re like fish out of water here,” sighed Michal, leafing through the many crossed-out names. “Why can’t management see this just doesn’t work?”

Executive coaching for Senior Level Executives, Managers and key contributors 

For anyone that can benefit from targeted and personalized work; short-term and long-term coaching sessions for new or acting Executives, Managers and key contributors operating in global organizations for the enhancement of cross-cultural management efficiency, personalized to meet the particular needs of each client.

Addressing the following topics;

  • Review of key parameters of global vs. local management-culture on a national and organizational level
  • Challenges of remote management
  • Tools for managing across cultural borders: motivation and recognition, giving and receiving feedback, and cross cultural conflict management
  • How to build and retain trust and good working relationships (including mastering the ‘art of small talk’ for Israelis and understanding the importance of a personal relationship for Americans)

Taking into account the managerial challenges of working cross site and in-site simultaneously

Executive coaching to enhance leadership in global organizations

Dyad Coaching, Mediation & Conflict Resolution for (Cross-Site) Joint Project Leaders –

A unique coaching service designed for project leaders – pairs or trios – whose communication and collaboration – essential for joint leadership, has been compromised, thus hindering success. IAIA’s Dyad Coaching service draws on its mediation and conflict resolution expertise to assists estranged or conflicted joint leaders to re-build trust; find mutual ground; build a shared vision; address and resolve clashes over resources, roles, task allocation and other managerial dilemmas; while instituting robust conflict resolution practices and tools to ensure their lasting capacity for authentic joint leadership.