“There was a problem with our mail; it wasn’t delivered. We called and tried to fix the problem a few times, but nothing worked. A friend suggested I go down to the central Post Office to talk to someone in person. I stood in line, and when it was finally my turn he wouldn’t help me. He kept saying, “I’m sorry for your problems sir, I will do my best”, and suggested I do all kinds of things, I told him we already tried all these suggestions and they didn’t work. When I pushed to get a definite time or commitment from him he had no answer. Finally I decided I had to make him understand how frustrating it is to be without mail, maybe he would be more willing to DO SOMETHING. I pounded on the counter and raised my voice (just like I would have done in Israel to get the point across). He called security who escorted me out telling me never to return or they will press charges. We are still not receiving any mail – it’s been over a month.”