“I’ve been working in Israel for the past couple of months; everybody at work has been very nice and hospitable. Last week our U.S. colleagues had a slight mishap with one of the shipments. The Israelis I now work with went crazy; they shouted, yelled and were very upset. Emails went back and forth. During a meeting on another subject, most of the time went to complaining about the Americans and how incompetent they are, sidetracking the agenda. I told my guys in the U.S. what was going on and they made a huge effort to set things right. I came in to work the next day with the solution. The Israelis shrugged and said – “oh, we don’t really need this to be on time, we already ‘did a workaround’ – don’t bother about it. I was flabbergasted, I had no idea how to react.”