“We came with our 15 year old daughter from Israel. She is a bit shy, and we worried about how she would fit in and adjust. As an educational counselor, I knew how important the first days at school would be. I set up an appointment with the principal. We talked about the classes my daughter would take, and I asked about other Israelis and if it would be possible to have her take the same classes. The principle seemed surprised, and said he didn’t know if there are other new Israelis or what classes they would be taking. I asked about after school activities and clubs. He said she could choose whichever club she wanted to join based on her interests. He then asked me if there were “challenges” with my daughter, and if she would need extra help. I was so happy he understood and answered, “Yes, she will need extra help”. He then suggested a psychiatrist. I was shocked. My daughter is completely normal, and the questions I asked would be considered quite routine for any new student in an Israeli school. I suddenly realized that I had, without intending it, already created a negative stigma for my daughter in the eyes of the school staff.”