What Our Clients Say About Us

 [Sample feedback from our clients, categorized by the particular service provided]


Feedback on 30 “Working Effectively with Israelis” Workshops designed and delivered by IAIA for U.S. based employees, as part of the M&A Cultural Integration process for a major hi-tech global corporation (2006–2008).

Participants in the ‘Working Effectively with Israel’ initiative asserted that the workshops had positive impact on their work processes, lessening conflicts and frustrations and increasing effectiveness.  After more than twenty-five workshops, there was a long waiting list for a seat in one of the next sessions. Participants kept mentioning how the takeaways from the sessions impacted the teams, creating a ripple effect in the company and broadening the sphere of influence of the intervention.

Key lessons, insights and tools gained as stated by participants:

  • “How to get what is needed from colleagues from the other culture.”
  • “New insights into situations that created frustration in the past.”
  • “New understanding of the other culture’s mindset and behaviors in the work environment.”
  • “How to build positive working relationships.”
  • “How to be more effective in communicating and having open dialogue on cultural differences”

Average Evaluation Scores Scale: 1-5  (1=lowest, 5=highest)

  • Overall score  – 4.6
  • Effectiveness of facilitators  –  4.6
  • On-the-job usefulness / applicability –  4.6
  • Effectiveness of materials  – 4.6

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(Sample collection of participants’ feedback pulled from various Working Effectively With Israelis Programs)

Engineer working cross-site with Israelis on joint project: “The workshop made a huge difference; it impacted the way I act and see things – all of a sudden I UNDERSTAND what is going on and it makes life a whole lot easier.”

A Global Finance Director for a start-up company headquartered in the U.S. with R&D in Israel – most important thing I got out of the workshop was: “Knowing what to expect and how to be effective in negotiations, feedback, agreements and deadlines.”

VP in a joint venture working with both US & Israeli military industries: “The one thing that continues to resonate is the concept of ’assuming positive intent’. I use it as a first guiding principle and encourage others to do the same.”

Director at the Training Department in a Fortune 500 High Tech Company:It has been several weeks since you last came to our corporate headquarters for the Israel Cross Cultural workshop, and we are still getting positive feedback!”

General Manager of Sales at a Key Global Supplier of Manufacturing Equipment: Thank you again for the excellent training. Both my team and I were able to use some of our new insight during the subsequent meeting we had with our customers in Israel. I know our learning will help us better interpret what people at the Israeli company say and do. It was indeed a very useful course.”

  • “The overwhelming response regarding your workshop has been very positive… Misunderstandings are now more quickly attributed to cultural rather than personal differences.  People are openly discussing the cultural perspectives and even joking about it… I had an opportunity to speak with the CEO of an Israeli company with which we work on a regular basis.  He really wanted to understand my observations and some of the cultural differences which I found revealing. I described the differences in perspective regarding introductions, perceptions, credentials, the different motivations, and the way we deal differently with authority.  He agreed with my observations and it opened up a new way of communicating for us”
  • “I had a conflict with one of my Israeli colleagues. Afterwards I made a special effort to make a personal connection, and had a talk about families. I was surprised at the change in the relationship, and now I feel I can work with this person in spite of the conflict.”
  • “I gained the ability to read Israeli response as positive.”
  • “I gained an understanding of the culture and where my counterparts are coming from.”
  • “I understand how to give and receive information and feedback and gained a better understanding of what they mean vs. what they say.”
  • “… A much better understanding of how my counterparts think and how to deal effectively with them.”

       Quality of Training & Delivery feedback

  • “Outstanding presentation! Informative & very applicable – it was all useful.”
  • “The facilitators had excellent delivery – teamwork between facilitators is great! The facilitators understood the topic and presented it well. Each brought different perspective, Israeli and American.”
  • “Very clear, very well explained, easy to understand.”
  • “Great examples from real situations.”
  • “Role-playing is very vivid messaging.”

Remarks some time after training indicate immediate application of learning, with positive results. A ripple effect is seen that impacts  widening circles in the organization:

  • “I now understand my past experiences with Israelis, and how I misinterpreted them.”
  • “I learned how to communicate effectively with Israeli counterparts.”
  • “I had an interesting incident with Israeli software engineers that I have tried to help. They were very defensive and basically told me to back off.  I heard from someone who took the workshop to be more direct, so instead of taking it personally and withdrawing, I told them directly that I was trying to help, and asked if they need and want my help. I received an e-mail with an apology and a beginning of a conversation on how to co-operate.”
  • “The workshop made a big impact on my team; they are constantly referring back to it.”

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Israeli Venture Capital Analyst: “I work with Americans as part of a U.S. firm and would like to work with Americans in my next job. I had five sessions with IAIA. We talked about strategy and American culture – what they say and what they mean–all details, even the small ones. The last session was actual practice, with suggestions and encouragement. I arrived to a critical meeting with Americans feeling confident, and in spite of an unexpected change in the situation I was able to maintain my focus on objectives and goals, with good feedback from the Americans. I strongly recommend IAIA coaching, since I feel that I achieved my goal.”


Israeli Owner and Manager of a Global Destination Services Company: “I routinely need to partner with many US sources, and wanted coaching from IAIA to ensure that I will be understood by Americans as intended, in order to successfully advance my business goals. IAIA presented me with a basic, underlying insight into the US communication style with key differences from Israeli modes – especially where breakdowns or misunderstandings typically occur. Through feedback on actual business e-mails, IAIA identified the specific elements where I need to make sure I express myself appropriately for US expectations and norms.  The coaching was clear, very relevant to my needs, and allowed me to learn, improve and internalize a new way of communicating to U.S. business colleagues.  I gained new skills that I feel will permanently help me to be successful as an Israeli doing business within the U.S. environment.”


Audience member: “I couldn’t stop smiling throughout your whole presentation. You were addressing the challenges (including personal) that I faced in the last 15 years of my professional life, working for companies in Australia, Israel, the US, and being personally familiar with the Japanese and Russian cultures. Addressing the intercultural divide (especially the “invisible” ones, such as the US – Israeli one) in today’s business world could be an issue of success vs. failure, especially for Israeli start-ups. Yet, in my opinion, cultural differences could add an immense advantage (that is measurable) to those who properly utilize them mindfully.”

Secretary for the Consortium, a group made up of all the Jewish organizations in Seattle area: “The event last week was so spectacular, you could do it every year and it would get better and better.  It is still the talk of many, and I presented it to the Consortium execs last Thursday.”

Northwest Chapter Director of an organization supporting one of Israel’s major universities: “Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed that event last night.  In fact, I referred them to our national office to perhaps lead a workshop for our staff.”

Audience member who is a successful Organizational Consultant: “Thank you for a great presentation at the WIBC. You captured the essence of this and articulated it beautifully.”


Israeli manager working at a Fortune 500 Company in the U.S.: “I have been working with the Americans for a long time -I didn’t think I needed this kind of coaching. I was preparing to begin work with my new U.S. team – I had set up appointments with each of my subordinates at all levels of the (org.) chart. I am so grateful HR made me take this coaching session because I understood that my approach was mistaken, and I was going to do irreversible damage.”


Israeli Founder of a start-up launching operations in the U.S.: “My first task was to hire a CFO. I knew what I was looking for but the interviews weren’t going well. I couldn’t put my finger on it – but the applicants were withdrawn during the interviews. Those we wanted refused our job offers. After working with IAIA I learned that my interview questions were inappropriate in for the U.S. workplace – I was asking people about their personal lives, I was too direct when I asked about weaknesses, and too challenging when they answered. All I  was trying to do was to challenge them to see if they are right for us, I would have done the same in Israel and more and it would have gotten me the results I wanted. Not only did I come off as someone they didn’t want to work with – I was actually opening myself to a lawsuit.”


’Trailing spouse’ of an Israeli executive after four days of intensive relocation coaching for the family (translated from an email in Hebrew to IAIA): “I wanted to tell you that the relocation workshop and preparation did wonders for us!!! The kids bring you up, and the topics you worked on with them, often. They arrived here as ready as they could possibly be!!! For me, our meetings were very helpful for my daily life. I could feel the real impact only after a few months. I felt I needed to share with you how you are still accompanying us!!!”